About Rooh

We are Rooh!

Our purpose for Rooh is to bring back the soul in travel. We aim to create a world were people travel for themeselves rather than for others. A world were travel isn't for social media posts. but for the intimate interactions made and the people met during travel.

What we do

Rooh is an online, halal travel company that plans and designs personalised muslim-friendly travel itineraries for Muslim travellers.

We seamlessly combines your interests and preferences with our expert travel knowledge to design truly unique travel experiences.  Our itineraries include the locations to visit, hotel recommendations for a Muslim friendly stay, the top halal restaurants to dine in to experience the destinations most authentic dishes, etc

We help you to book your flights, hotels and activities but cannot do it for you as we're not a tour operator,

The Process

Once you enquire about a trip, you will be paired with a Halal Travel Geek that’s either from that destination, calls it their second home or has travelled extensively in it. Your Halal Travel Geek will handcraft your travel itinerary based on you personality to create a meaningful travel experience that'll enrich the soul.

We do not automate the process (or use algorithms) to create these itineraries. Instead each itinerary designed is given love, care and detail.

We design your halal trip your way

Complete our travel questionnaire and one of our Halal Travel Geeks will be in touch within 12 hours