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Meet Rooh

Why we do what we do

Rooh is founded on the belief that travel is an effective way to enrich the soul and spark creativity.

At Rooh Travel, we’re committed to planning exceptional trips for those seeking soul-enriching and meaningful travel experiences. Rooh was born to make far-flung destinations more accessible to Muslims. We believe travel is a transformative journey that enriches the soul and allows you to reconnect with yourself. Steering clear from typical vacations and cookie-cutter holiday packages, we plan one-of-a-kind trips which are priced fairly. 

To disconnect

We travel to disconnect & unplug from our day-to-day routines, from autopilot and work modes, and from the digital world. 

To reflect

We travel to reflect and appreciate Earth’s beauty, to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, and to see life through a new lens.

To be inspired

We travel to explore new cultures, traditions and environments as a way to foster inspiration and elevate our thinking.

Bespoke Muslim-friendly travel

As a bespoke halal travel company, we design travel experiences based on your preferences. That means all our trips are as unique as you are.  Once you enquire about a holiday, you will be paired with a Halal Travel Designer who has been there.

Your Halal Travel Designer will handcraft your travel itinerary based on your interests to create a meaningful travel experience that’ll enrich the soul.

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Meet your team

Walid Haji

Founder + Halal Travel Designer

During my 12+ years of travelling and living internationally, I’ve discovered wonderful and unique experiences around the world.

My travels have led me to the world’s most remote and exotic destinations. Places where information on Google didn’t exist. That’s why I love helping Muslims plan & book extraordinary travel experiences while keeping it halal.

Design your halal trip your way

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