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Bespoke Muslim-friendly travel

As a bespoke halal travel company, we design unique travel experiences based on your preferences.

We help you to book your flights, hotels and activities to find the most cost effective option for your trip. Once you enquire about a trip, you will be paired with a Halal Travel Designer that’s either from that destination, calls it their second home or has travelled extensively in it.

Your Halal Travel Designer will handcraft your travel itinerary based on your personality to create a meaningful travel experience that’ll enrich the soul.

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Walid exploring Phuket's quaint town.

Meet the founder

Walid Haji

Whilst working at a travel start-up, I’ve spent most of my time on the road. Living in Thailand, I would always be between juggling work and travelling.

I am extremely fond of the world’s most remote and exotic destinations. Places where information on Google didn’t exist. Places where you can connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives.

These destinations were always the most difficult to discover Muslim-friendly amenities, and speaking with Muslims who’ve been there was uncommon.

As a result, Rooh Travel was born from those experiences. In the Arabic language, rooh means “soul“, and in colloquial Arabic it means “go“.  

Rooh exists to bring back the soul into travel. In a world filled with constant travel imagery being posted on social media, people are travelling for the ‘Gram instead of what truly matters.

We believe that each travel experience should be unique & meaningful to the traveller. For that reason, it should be designed with the traveller’s intention in mind.

We design your halal trip your way

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