Malaysia Halal Travel

Submit your senses to Malaysia’s divinely idyllic islands, captivating country landscapes and dynamic towering cities as the region’s tropics fill your spirit with wonder and excitement

The beauty of the natural wonder found in Malaysia’s rainforests, hills, valleys and beaches mirrors the country’s beautiful people and their cultural coexistence. Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are religions that thrive side by side in this Muslim country and their harmony extends an invitation to travelers from all over the globe to immerse themselves in the nation’s soul-enriching love, humanity and hospitality.

In Malaysia it is impossible to be short of an abundance of fantastic halal food. Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines entice senses up and down the nation with regional cuisines offering travelers the chance to dive into not just a heavenly eating experience, but an insight into the rich history present up and down the nation.

The architectural styles in Malaysia leave both Malaysians and travelers alike awe-struck; Masjids and palaces with a distinctly Islamic influence, temples and houses inspired by Chinese and Nyonya traditions of vivid colour and tiling as well as examples of European architecture can all be seen standing side by side throughout the country. In Malaysia the towering modern skyscraper is just as amazing a sight as the traditional house on stilts.

When travelling to Malaysia the last of your worries should be about where you rest your head at the end of a long day of taking in the culture, art, history and food. Malaysia boasts some of the best, top-rated hotel and accommodation experiences within the region with an emphasis on sustainability and environmentally conscious living.

Malaysia: Need to know

Kuala Lumpur

is the capital


is the currency

Nasi Lemak

is the national dish


is the local time

Malaysia Itinerary Ideas

Best Times to Visit Malaysia

You are guaranteed warmth and humidity in Malaysia with temperatures hovering around 30°C year round and humidity averaging roughly 85%. Rain in Malaysia occurs usually in the afternoon and again, is fairly consistent year round though outside of monsoon season the rains arrive and leave fairly quickly. 

The rainy season AKA monsoon season affects mainly the eastern coast of Malaysia and the western area of Sarawak and this occurs between late November and mid-late February. Outside of these months, specifically March-October, is generally considered to be the best time to visit the region.