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Royal Thailand: Its pampering yourself because you deserve it, its decadent food and buzzing markets, its contemplation and meditation… it’s the adventure of a lifetime

The allure of Thailand exists in its diverse landscapes; with valleys, hills, jungles and forests, beaches and bustling cities this country oozes charm and delight.

Learn to either kick down trees just like the old pros in a Muay Thai training camp or lay under them on the white sands of the country’s extensive coastline. 

You can float gently by in the beautiful waters around the country or cut through them on a speedboat or jetski. Thailand’s popularity really is a reflection of how much it can offer to its travelers.

Thailand encourages travel from all kinds of people, from all over the globe whether they’re Muslim or not. The ease of finding Halal food in Thailand has made it extremely popular and accessible for Muslim travelers. 

Often Thailand is portrayed through its hedonistic nightlife and party atmosphere but the country also offers, in equal parts, something for those that are looking for relaxation, serenity and a general toned down atmosphere.

Eco-friendly and luxurious choices of accommodation are in abundance throughout Thailand. 

Need to Know About Thailand


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Pad Thai

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Best Times to Visit Thailand

The weather in Thailand  is split into 3 different seasons. The hot season which falls between March and May, the cool season which falls between November and February and the rainy season which tends to occur between June and October. During the rainy season it is not all gloom and despair as showers are fairly quick to come and pass and only tend to occur in the late afternoon, they also provide travellers with welcome respite from the heat and humidity. The quietest time of year in Thailand is between May and September, when the temperature, humidity and prices all drop.