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Alcohol free roof top Maldives restaurant

7 Best Maldives Alcohol-free Resorts

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For most travellers heading to Maldives, alcohol is usually factored into the decision-making process. It may even play a major factor.

Most tourists want to spend their Maldives trip relaxing by the beach or pool with a glass of their favourite booze.

However, there is a group of us that would like to avoid alcohol during our vacation (and day to day life). Reasons may range from religious commitments, such as Islam, saving money, or those who simply enjoy the sober lifestyle.

Note that most resorts in the Maldives serve alcohol, as you will see in the section below.

The good news is that there are several Maldives island hotels that are completely alcohol-free.

These properties are sometimes referred to as dry hotels.

In this post, you will discover our top 5 Maldives resorts and hotels where you can enjoy an alcohol-free holiday!

Rules on alcohol in the Maldives

The laws on alcohol in the Maldives can seem complicated to travellers but I will try to simplify it as much as possible here.

As Maldives is a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited for the locals. This also includes locations such as the capital city, Malé, and other inhabited islands.

That means alcohol will not be found anywhere and is not sold in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. The ban also applies to travellers importing it from abroad. This is illegal and strictly forbidden.

There is one exception to the rule here, and that is tourist island resorts.

As one of Maldives’ main income sources is tourism, the government has allowed alcohol to be sold and consumed in the resorts by tourists.

Consequently, as you can imagine, most Maldives resorts offer alcohol with a steep markup.

However, for those on an all-inclusive package, alcohol is automatically included during your stay.

How to visit a Maldives alcohol-free resort

As I mentioned above, alcohol such as liquors, beers, spirits, etc are easily found in most resorts in the Maldives.

Although, for a lot of travellers who would like to avoid it during their holiday, there are measures that can be taken prior to travel.

For example, you can request the hotel to remove the mini-bar from your room. Additionally, you can also spend your time on the island away from the pool and beach bars.

I have done this myself previously during my stay at a resort in the Maldives and it worked just fine.

Even some Maldives halal resorts will usually serve alcohol at their restaurants and bars. But the good thing about the Muslim-friendly resorts is that they assist in removing it from your room. 

If you would rather not be in the same vicinity as alcohol during your time in the Maldives, then your best bet is to stay at an alcohol-free resort.

Alcohol-free resorts generally are rare in the Maldives as they all have one thing in common – they are all located on an inhabited island.

As most resorts typically operate on their own island bubble, alcohol-free resorts are subject to the alcohol ban that applies to inhabited islands.

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Discover 7 alcohol-free resorts in the Maldives

1. Fiyavalhu Maldives

Aerial view of Fiyavalhu Maldives

Fiyavalhu Maldives is a brand new resort in the Maldives opened in October 2020. Located on Mandhoo island, Fiyavalhu is designed to blend into its surroundings. The resort is reached by a 25-minute seaplane journey from Villa International Airport.

Fiyavalhu offers 44 private villas spanning 6 different categories and all are decorated with warm, earthy tones and are equipped with the latest amenities. Fiyavalhu offers a handful of halal restaurants, cafe’s and buffet-style dining, all without alcohol.

Beach breakfast table at Fiyavalhu

The resort has swapped the typical bar for an outdoor tea experience, that includes enjoying tea with the locals in a traditional setting.

Other experiences in Fiyavalhu include, an outdoor beach cinema, snorkelling excursions, games room for kids, an infinity pool and a fitness center.

2. Plumeria Maldives

Aerial shot of Plumeria Maldives

Self-titled as “affordable luxury”, Plumeria Maldives is a boutique hotel on the island of Thinadhoo. This beachfront property offers a comfortable and relaxing Maldives island experience without being over the top.

Built in 2015, Plumeria’s spacious rooms are equipped with private balconies and sea views. Other facilities at Plumeria include spa treatment rooms, a swimming pool, a cafe and restaurants.

Swimming pool at Plumeria

With its own dive centre, Plumeria Maldives runs regular scuba diving and snorkeling trips. The waters of Thinadhoo and wider Vaavu Atoll is an ideal place to spot sea turtles, clownfish, and octopus.  

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3. Season Paradise

Aerial shot of Season Paradise Maldives

Season Paradise is an award-winning 4-star beach hotel in the Maldivian island Thulusdhoo. The resort is renowned for its beachfront location whilst offering an authentic experience with modern life’s conveniences.

Suiting the needs of a wide range of travellers, Season Paradise features 5 room categories that are all designed with space and minimalism in mind. The Seaview Room includes a large, private balcony that offers unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean.

Season paradise bedroom interior

Surfers would love this island as Thulusdhoo is known to have one of Maldives’ best surf breaks. Other experiences include private picnics on secluded sandbanks, dolphin cruises and fishing trips.

4. Kiha Beach

Kiha Beach pool view at sunset

Located in the famous Baa Atoll, Kiha Beach is a boutique luxury hotel surrounded by lush, tropical plants and exotic marine life. This alcohol-free hotel offers 3 room categories suitable for travel groups of varying sizes. This sustainable property is designed with a low carbon footprint in mind.

Interior view of kiha beach bedroom

Kiha Beach is popular with divers due to its location in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. With Hanifaru Bay close by, divers would be able to spot whale sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. Other activities include water sports and local island excursions.

Kiha Beach’s main restaurant offers sustainably sourced dishes through reducing meat dishes and depending on the catch of the day. Instead of cocktails and wines, savour the flavours of local fruits at the juice bar.

Note that Kihaa Beach is a different property to Kihaa Maldives Resort.

5. Boutique Beach

Boutique beach bedroom interior

Boutique Beach is a mid-range diving hotel located in the inhabited Dhigurah island in the South Ari Atoll. With its own 2.5km stretch of private beach, Boutique Beach hotel provides guests all-inclusive accommodation along with diving specific packages.

This eco-friendly hotel focuses on conserving their local island and ocean by recycling plastics found on the island and minimising their own use of plastics. In addition, Boutique Beach encourages guests to experience the traditional side of Maldivian culture through respect of religion and supporting local initiatives.

Boutique beach roof top restaurant at sunset

The rooftop restaurant is the ideal location to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the sunset whilst savouring the local cuisine. 

6. The Barefoot Eco Hotel

View of Barefoot Eco Hotel beach

You can’t go wrong with the Barefoot Eco Hotel when it comes to the ultimate relaxation spot. Located within the forest on Hanimaadhoo island in Northern Maldives, this stunning hotel will provide you with biological and ecological facts about the wildlife that surrounds this eco-friendly resort.

With the rich natural life and privacy of this location, the hotel is able to offer modern accommodation that enhances a genuine and relaxing Maldives lifestyle as well as a private beach and a pool that perfectly embraces the hotel.

The Barefoot Eco Hotel delivers a wide variety of services for guests. Families, couples or individual’s recreational needs are met all the way, by having more than enough options to choose from.

These services include a diving centre, spa and yoga, and a restaurant with a non-alcoholic bar. The property also features a private boutique store which stocks clothing, souvenirs and personal care products produced by local artisans.

The Barefoot Restaurant also serves Mediterranean dishes made by the Italian Chef where a combination of flavours and textures of foods can be found.

Note that although the hotel is alcohol-free, guests can purchase alcohol from floating bars that dock nearby the hotel. Floating bars are boats that sell alcohol on the water instead of the island to avoid local laws. 

7. Pearl Sands of Maldives

Aerial shot of Pearl Sands of Maldives

Head to the Pearl Sands of Maldives for a huge slice of paradise filled with white sands and palm trees. The Pearl Sands is on a beach along the Laccadive Sea located on the local island of Huraa and is a 30-minute speedboat from Velana International Airport. 

At this boutique resort, you can be sure to find contemporary-styled rooms that redefine comfortability and elevate the quality of your Maldivian experience. These deluxe rooms feature semi-outdoor bathrooms, large sized beds as well as complete bathroom amenities. 

Guests get a chance to indulge in the Balinese-inspired Chavana Spa where a unique experience of wellness is created. At the resort, one can also take part in activities such as water sports and Albatros diving whether you’re a beginner or expert allowing you to create exciting memories you can’t forget.

The Pearl Sands restaurant is here to keep you wanting more with breakfast, lunch and dinner served from the minute you arrive. A choice of international or local dishes are offered while the restaurant’s beach view creates a stunning and peaceful ambience that will transform your already soothing Maldives trip.

And there you have it, the 7 best Maldives alcohol-free resorts. 

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This itinerary is designed to delve into the local life in the Maldives whilst staying in alcohol-free islands and guesthouses. 

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