Personalised halal travel for the soulful

We design soul-enriching trips for the modern, Muslim traveller

Rooh exists to connect halal-friendly travel with today’s modern Muslims.
Born from a dream to offer experiences in the world’s most exotic desinations, each travel experience is unique & meaningful to the traveller. As a result, our trips are designed with your interests and preferences in mind.

The trip planning process

1. What are your travel preferences?

Complete our quick form to detail your preferred travel style, interests, dietary requirements, and more.

This information will help us design an itinerary as unique as you!

Think about what makes your travel style unique. The more detailed your responses are the more personalised your itinerary will be.

No two trips we design are the same.

We pride ourselves in choosing quality over quantity, therefore, we aim to get to know you before beginning the planning process. ​

Illustration of muslim woman traveller thinking of travel plans
Illustration of halal travel planning with muslim woman traveller

2. Connect with one of our Halal Travel Geeks

Based on your destination of choice, you will be paired with one of Rooh’s Halal Travel Geeks that will be in touch within 12 hours.

Our team will work with you from start to finish to bring your dream trip to life.

Although we’re only based online, our team ensures to hand-craft your itinerary through their personal travel knowledge and on-ground network.

No algorithms are used to design your itinerary.

3. It's time to take-off!

Once complete, you’ll be sent your finalised travel itinerary.

Discover inside a detailed day-to-day breakdown of informed advice, hotel and activity recommendations, restaurant reservations, and more. All travel logistics taken care of and swiftly arranged.

When we can, we will offer you complimentary hotel upgrades and tour activities through our travel partners.​

Halal travel woman

Our Halal Travel Destinations

At Rooh Travel, we want to ensure to only design trips to countries we know. Our small collection of Asian destinations will ensure you have intimate and memorable travel experiences. Your trip itinerary will be curated by a Halal Travel Geek who is well versed in the destination. They have either lived or traveled there extensively. 

Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia are currently the only destinations we’re offering travel advice and itinerary design for.

We keep sustainability at the heart of what we do

Aerial view of Maldives

We believe Muslim-friendly travel should also be sustainable. At Rooh, we strive to make the right choices to protect our planet and create a positive impact.

We're not just talking about it, we're doing something about it.

From our office's "no paper, no plastic" policy to only working with eco-friendly hotels, we're continuously working to do our part.

Choose the travel plan right for you


Connect with one of our Halal Travel Geeks for free halal travel advice on your next Muslim-friendly trip.

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